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The 10th birthday of ak-extra is coming up in December. That's quite an age for a private website. The site has grown over the years. The English edition has some 50 pages to explore, the German edition about 300. You thinks that a lot to read? Well, then do not forget to sign the Guestbook.



A lot of things happen every day on this planet just passing by. Some of it however should not be forgotten. In example racism and intolerance against people with different opinions. Pause, think about it and commemorate - this is what I like to ask for in this rubric. The story of Orna Birnbach
As a young girl Orna Birbach lived to see and survived the holocaust. Plaszow, Auschwitz und Bergen Belsen were her stations of sorrow. But her fight still continues. Her new enemy? Forgetting.

Orna Birnbach: other sources of Information
My second meeting with Orna (German only)  
The story of Yehuda Bacon (German only)
Letters out of Auschwitz and Vilnius (German only)
Press articles about Orna Birnbach (German)


From every travel report which is available on my German website you get at least the 10 best pictures in good quality and enlargable with some text in english.
All travel reports
since 1987.
Berlin telecommunication tower at Alexander Square France (2009)
The Provence ravished me completely. My image of France has changed ever since. The region has everything that makes a good holiday: grandiose nature, good food, culture from all epochs, sea and sun - just perfect. [2009-10-24]
    Berlin telecommunication tower at Alexander Square Germany (2008)
After a long break I have been travelling again in good old Germany even if only for an extended weekend. I aimed at Potsdam in eastern Germany and it's just a stone's throw from there to Berlin.
Moonrise over the ger resort in Mongolia. Business trips (2007)
Travelling on business is not a holiday. Usually there is no time for sight seeing and all you get are some first impressions. Kenya, Mongolia and Canada are places I might not have visited in my private life. [2007-12-28]


Cartoons and Online Games
Bored in front of your PC? There is no need for this. In this section you will find the arms to fight this enemy. Links to my favorite cartoon pages and some online games.

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