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Well, here I am the author of these pages. Or to say it in net-slang: the webmaster. My name is Aléxandros Kiriazis and all articles in ak-extra are written by me except as indicated.

Please don't leave me alone in space and tell me whether you liked or disliked these pages. Feel free to e-mail me any other comment as well or sign my guestbook.

Of course these pages will be updated frequently. At ak-extra you may decide what's coming next. I would be happy to receive some suggestions.

Please be aware that the German and the English content in ak-extra may differ.

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Alexandros Kiriazis

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I do my very best to keep the links updated. I apologise for any inconvinience if there should be one mislinked. Please do not hesitate to inform me in such a case.

Of course I don't have any influence on those external pages. Although I link only high quality, legal and prudent sites, I am not responsible for the content of those sites, especially when the content changes. Don't hesitate to complain if you feel that a link does not fulfill above criteria. External links always open in a new window.

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