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Countless publications are available about the Shoah and corresponding topics. The ones listed below are of course just a very small selection and far from being complete. They were chosen as they have got some relation to the story of Orna Birnbachs or to my life.

Schindler's List

The movie Steven Spielberg made from the novel "Schindler's list" written by Thomas Keneally is one of the most honored movies ever. Among plenty other awards it won seven acadamy awards including "Best Movie" and "Best Director". A major part of the book and the movie discribes what happened in the concentration camp Plasznow where Orna and her family were brought after they left Tarnow. Orna meet Steven Spielberg during the shootings in Poland and with the infromation she gave him he was able to make the move even more realistic.

ISBN: 0-671-88031-4
Touchstone, 1993

Universal Pictures
Orna Birnbach Links: Schindler's List

Orna Birnbach - Live after the Shoah

(Published only in German) The first part of the book reports about the scandalous circumstances her first course of lectures at schools in Bochum was overshadowed by. After that the students who visited her lectures give a few reports and finally it includes some extracts from the lawsuit against the Nazi Hermann Blache at which Orna deposed. Impressions about a life after the Shoah to pore over but also elements of hope as the students got her message. The book is not a biography but a selection of essays and documents to above mentioned topics.

Hrgb. Andreas Disselnkötter und Karin Schiele.
Bochum 2002
ISBN 3-931999-09-2
Orna Birnbach - Leben nach der Shoah

Willy Lindwer - Anne Frank

The ways of Anne Frank and Orna Birnbach crossed in the concentration camp Bergen Belsen. Anne Frank died there just before the liberation from the raging thyphus. Orna survived rather dead than alive.
For his documentation movie of the same name Willy Lindwer made for Dutch television he interviewed eye witnesses who survived and had a more or less close relation to Anne Frank. The book includes the complete stories the movie was not able to show. Annes suffering is reported after she and here family were arrested and Anne therefore was not able to continue her diary. Some of them talk about the inexpressable conditions at Bergen Belsen.

Willy Lindwer
The last seven month of Anne Frank
ISBN: 0-385-42360-8
Willy Lindwer - The last seven month of Anne Frank

Survivors of the Shoah
Visual History Foundation

After he finished with "Sindler's List" Steven Spielberg founded the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to record all the stories of the survivors in order to make them available for education purposes for all times.

Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
Logo Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation

Ester Golan

Another survivor of the Shoah I was honored to meet personally is Ester Golan. Her story is much different from Ornas but not less intense. Mobilizing all their fortune Esters parents were able to send her to England in the very last second while they had to stay in Germany without any chance to escape. Until the end they had faith in the survival of humanity. In vain.

Her book is availabe in German only but she published parts of her story also on her homepage which is available also in English.

Ester Golans Homepage

Ester Golan
Auf Wiedersehen in unserem Land
Econ Verlag, Düsseldorf, 1995
ISBN 3-430-13259-2
Ester Golan - Auf Wiedersehen in unserem Land

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