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To experience foreign countries is one of the most beautiful things you can do in life. It doesn't matter if the destination is far or close, beautiful and interesting things are waiting to be discovered everywhere. You only have to become acquainted with the unfamiliar. It doesn't require to understand every detail but you should at least be able to respect it. If we'd only know more of each other, for sure the world would be more peaceful. Everybody can do his own small contribution to reach this goal. For all those who have to stay at home for various reasons and for all those who want to learn more of the world, for all of those amongst us the following travel reports are written.

The following reports are published:
(* = The complete reports of the marked journeys are only available at my German Website. But at least a page with the most beautiful photos is always available in English.)

My first holiday in France lead me into the Provence, located in its south east corner. While the destination was selected rather randomly the region played out its cards well and ravished me completely. My image of France has changed ever since. The region has everything that makes a good holiday: grandiose nature, good food, culture from all epochs, sea and sun - just perfect.
Schild in einem Hofladen in der Provence

Potsdam and Berlin

After a long break I have been travelling again in good old Germany even if only for an extended weekend. I aimed at Potsdam in eastern Germany and it's just a stone's throw from there to Berlin.
Blue sky and sunshine are any photographers delight but with temperatures above 30°C a sightseeing trip can easily turn into torture.
Telecommunication tower at Berlin Alexander Square
Business trips
Kenya, Mongolia, Canada

Travelling on business is not a holiday. Usually there is no time left for sight seeing or picture taking. All you can get in the limited time are some first impressions. However this years business travelling lead me to some corners of the world I probably would never have visited in my private life.
Mongolia: moonrise over the ger resort

Australia *

After 15 years this is my second visit to Australia. While in 1991 I visited the eastern states Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, this time I crossed the country north to south on the Stuart Highway. From the tropic top end of the Northern Territory, through the red centre towards South Australia and further on to Victoria.
Australia: sign at the Great Ocean Road

Greece *

Actually the destinations of this journey are quite similar to my previous trip one year ago but yet it is a completely different story. Only this time I am not the participant of a round trip but rather the guide myself. We visit the goods on Mount Olympus, Aristoteles on the Halkidiki, the Kings of Macedonia in Vergina and the Flamingoes in Kitros. Follow me on a trip though the times.
Greece: Umbrellas at the beach of Korinos

Greece *
Attika, Hydra and Macedonia

Prior the round trip through Macedonia, the home country of Alexander the Great and Aristoteles, I went to Athens, Cape Sounion and the island of Hydra. Find here the ten best pictures of the journey which brought me also to Meteora which is actually in Thessalia.
Greece: Meteora

Morocco *

A journey through Morocco is like diving in a sea of bright colours. A rich blue sky, the bright green of the plants and the earth and the houses build out of it offer the whole palette of ochre. Find here the ten best pictures of this journey.


Greece is most famous for its ancient ruins but never in my life I would have believed that southern greeces nature is that nicely green in late summer. Many surprises of that kind made the country more accessible to me. But for the unexperienced tourist it may also be tricky and sometimes you just have to shake your head about the way life goes here.

Costa Rica *

With only 51000 kmē it is the third smallest state in Central America. It does cover just 0,5% of the earth land surface but it is home to 6% of the earths flora and fauna. Almost all kind of tropic habitats can be found very dense together. Find here the ten best pictures of this journey.
Costa Rica


New York and the
West Coast

After a stop over in New York the journey leads towards the west. There the route leads to San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Death Valley, the canyonlands with Bryce and Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. You could also say that the route leads across China, the Wild West, Toon Town, primeval times and the future. Overpopulation and loneliness at the same time.
New York - Times Square


Australia, the fifth continent. It's dream for a lot of Europeans to travel there. For myself this dream came true in 1991. It is a continent full of contrasts: From dry desert to rain forest, from spacious outback to mega metropolises and from ancient traditions of the real Australians the Aborigines to the modern, western lifestyle of the Aussies and finally from Sydney to Melbourne.
Australia - Koala

Israel *

1987 and 1993
A journey to Israel always means confrontation. Not only meeting a foreign country but also meeting our history from all times. Further meeting various cultures, crowded, competing each. And last but not least the meeting of a fascinating nature, easily but very much wrongfully lost by the overwhelming political crises. Find here a few pages with pictures from my personal highlights

  Following travel reports are not yet finished. If you are interested just write an e-mail or sign the guest book and get informed when they will be published.

United Kingdom Two short trips to southern England changed my so far bad opinion about this country which was mostly build on prejudices. The on first sight stiff british charme is actually not easy to be resisted. Even the food didn't seem to me as bad as its reputation. Some pubs served remarkable dishes. Following a selection of the places visited: London, Stonehenge, Midlands, Bristol, Bath and Oxford.

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