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Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions I cannot provide my favorite comic strips over here. However I can link them of course. Most pages offer daily strips and a more a less sized free archive. Maybe that is even more diversified than presenting my own small collection.

Uli Stein

With his fine and sharp sense of humour German cartoonist Ulli Stein has conquered a large and faithful fan community. Unfortunately his website Uli Stein Homepage is only available in German. Also it only offers the last 7 strips.

Don't do anything stupid, guys! 


On the Peanuts Homepage there is a different strip available daily. Furthermore the strips of the last 30 days are accessable for free. As Charles Schulz died in 2000 unfortunately there are no new strips any longer.


Hagar the Horrible

The english version of Hagar the Horrible is available at King Features, however, only a few strips are available for free.

A daily dose of the German Version Hägar der Schreckliche is available at including a small but free archive.

Hägar der Schreckliche


The colourful homepage of Garfield offers everything a fan can desire. Daily new strips for free, an extensive archive also free of charge and multiple goodies. Believe it or not ... its even open on Mondays.  

Want more?

A large selection of daily strips is inter alia available here: (English, e.g. Snoopy, Dilbert)
Lapan Verlag (German, e.g. Haiopeis)
King Features (Englisch, e.g. Spiderman, Denis, Popeye)

Online Games

Due to Java Script there is no need for being bored in front of your PC...have fun !

Tux on the run

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